4 Apps for Allergies

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Are you someone who suffers from allergies? If so, you know it can be a difficult condition to manage. Allergies can range from mild to severe, and if you don’t take the proper precautions, you could end up with a serious reaction. If you live in Arizona, for instance, it is important to understand the climate to determine the possible causes of your allergies. This state is known for its dry, hot weather. During the summer months, the temperature can easily reach triple digits. This heat can dry out the air, making it more difficult for pollen and other allergens to disperse. As a result, allergens can linger in the air and cause more symptoms. Make sure you check with your doctor if you suffer from any allergy symptoms as they can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. You can check a list of board-certified allergy specialists online as well, like on the AZallergy website.

Fortunately, there are several apps available to help you manage your allergies and keep track of your symptoms. These apps allow users to log their symptoms, reactions, and treatments, as well as track changes in their environment and lifestyle that may affect their allergies. Here are some of the best allergy apps to help you stay on top of your condition.

1. Allergy Tracker and Allergy Tracker Pro

Allergy Tracker is an invaluable tool for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use app that helps people track and manage their allergies, asthma, and other related conditions. This allergy app provides reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information on pollen and other allergens, as well as a customizable tracking feature. It allows users to track their daily symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, and itchy eyes and also keeps track of the weather and air quality in your area. This can help people who are sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity, and other factors that can trigger allergic reactions. It has a detailed database of allergens and their effects on the body which is useful for those who are looking to identify their triggers and avoid them. 

This app also provides detailed information about pollen levels in your area, which can be helpful for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. It comes with a customizable tracking feature, allowing users to set up reminders for themselves, such as when it is time to take medication or when to avoid certain locations. Allergy Tracker Pro is similar to Allergy Tracker, but it provides additional features, such as the ability to track multiple allergies, receive alerts, and set reminders.

2. Allergy Diary

Allergy Diary is a free user-friendly app for both Android and iOS devices. It allows users to log their allergies and reactions, as well as track their progress over time. With the help of this app, users can better understand their symptoms and how they react to certain allergens. To get started, users simply enter their details, including any allergies they have and any medications they are taking. Then, they can start logging their symptoms and reactions. This allergy tracker app also allows users to search for allergen-specific information, such as food additives, household products, and more. The Allergy Diary app includes a variety of extra features, for example, users can set up reminders to ensure they are taking their medications at the right times.

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3. Allergy Eats

Allergy Eats is an innovative mobile app that helps people with food allergies find restaurants that serve food they can safely eat. The app is designed to make it easier for people with food allergies to dine out with confidence. It also allows users to search for restaurants near them that are allergy-friendly using a five-star rating system to indicate how friendly a restaurant is to people with food allergies. Restaurants are rated based on the types of food allergies they can accommodate, how well the staff understands food allergies, and how accommodating the restaurant is to people with food allergies. The app also allows users to post reviews about their experiences at different restaurants giving them the ability to read reviews from other people with food allergies and make informed decisions about where to eat. The reviews are also monitored by Allergy Eats staff to ensure accuracy and reliability.

4. WeatherBug Allergies

WeatherBug Allergies is an app designed to help people better manage and track their allergies. With this app, users can stay up to date on their local allergy conditions and access detailed forecasts, enabling them to plan and take the necessary precautions. This allergy weather app provides personalized alerts for pollen, mold, and other allergens, allowing users to stay ahead of their allergies and take the appropriate steps to manage their symptoms. Users can read charts and graphs to help them better understand their allergies and the effects of different environmental factors. The app is powered by an advanced, cloud-based intelligence platform that captures hyper-local data and provides highly accurate allergy forecasts. This includes detailed information on allergy triggers, enabling users to plan and take preventive measures. It also features a unique symptom tracking system that allows users to log their symptoms, compare them to their local pollen and mold counts, and better understand their allergies. 


With the changing seasons, comes a rise in seasonal allergies. As a result, many people are turning to technology to help them manage their allergies and stay informed of the latest weather conditions. Allergy apps can be used to track and monitor allergies, track symptoms, and even provide alerts when a person is exposed to a trigger. They also provide educational resources, such as information about different types of allergies, as well as tips on avoiding triggers and can be the perfect way to keep track of your allergies and ensure you’re prepared for any changes in the air.

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