Are Low Profile Keyboards Good for Gaming?

low profile keyboard for gaming

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. A lot of people are spending their money on video games, consoles, and accessories. But are low profile keyboards good for gaming? The answer is yes!

The low profile keyboard is an interesting type of keyboard that many people have not heard about.

This article will go over how to configure a low profile keyboard, the advantages and disadvantages of having one, and which type of player it may be best for.

It has been shown that players who play on the keyboards with their hands higher up do better than those playing on regular keyboards.

It’s important to consider how fast you can move your fingers when choosing what kind of keyboard suits you best.

Also, if you’re looking for a way to make your gaming life easier then a good option would be getting a low-profile one! These are just some things worth considering before making your purchase so check out this article now!

What Is a Low Profile Keyboard?

A low profile keyboard is a special type of keyboard that has keys that are much closer together than on traditional keyboards.

Low Profile Keyboards have been shown to be better for gaming because they allow players to move their hands less while playing games and this means more accuracy! This article will discuss how you can configure the best Low Profile Keyboard as well as what each player should consider before purchasing one such as size, whether it’s wired or wireless etc..

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Why Do People Use Low-Profile Keyboards?

First, let’s discuss why people use low profile keyboards in the first place. This is a keyboard that has less key travel and takes less effort to press down for every keystroke. Low profile keys make it easier on your fingers because you don’t have to push as hard against the keys when typing or playing games.

If you’re looking at purchasing a mechanical gaming keyboard with full-height keys, then consider buying one of these low-profile models instead! They are very popular among gamers who complain about having sore fingertips after long sessions of playtime.

You might also be interested in our RGB Mechanical Keyboard Roundup article where we review several different brands and styles since they all vary quite differently from each other .

What’s the Best Way to Configure a Low Profile Keyboard?

There are several different types of mechanical low-profile keyboards out there. You can purchase them either with or without a number pad, and they come in all sorts of layouts like the standard 104 keys as well as tenkeyless (TKL) options which excludes the numpad for less desk clutter. Another option is buying one that has Cherry MX Red switches.

Because their smoothness makes it easier to double tap faster than any other type . It’s crucial that you choose your new keyboard wisely depending on how important key responsiveness/ease-of-use factors into your purchasing decision!

A TKL keyboard is very popular with gamers because it’s much easier to double tap and press multiple keys at once. Gamers often use the WASD or arrow key bindings for movement, so having a separate number pad can get in the way of that process. Removing this numpad will make your gaming experience more enjoyable without any unnecessary distractions!

You’ll be able to focus on leveling up faster if you’re using a low-profile mechanical keyboard as well. Keep reading below for our top recommendations that are currently available on Amazon . Should I buy Cherry MX Red switches?

Cherry MX Reds offer smooth actuation which makes them perfect for gaming since they won’t slow down your reaction times like other types might such as browns or blues. They are also slightly quieter, which is great for those that share a room with other people! We recommend these switches if you’re looking for an easy-to-press keystroke experience when typing or playing games . If this isn’t in your budget, then we suggest checking out our top ten favorite picks below because they offer many different types of mechanical keys and designs to choose from.

Do Low Profile Keyboards Have Full Rgb Backlighting?

You betcha! There’s no need to worry about having any sort of lighting limitations since there are many options available on the market now. You can even find LED lit low-profile models that come equipped with customizable pulsing effects as well as ones with blue switches like the Ducky One TKL RGB.

If you’re in the market for a new low profile keyboard, then we suggest reading more about each model listed below! We’ve done all of the research to save you time and effort while shopping so that your end result will be much happier than before! Why should I trust this guide?

We only recommend products that our readers have tried themselves because there’s just no reason not to offer an honest review on Amazon or any other site where people can comment freely . If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, then why would we tell others about it?? This ensures that every reader gets accurate information without having to worry about something being up since they know us personally instead.

We want everyone who through these reviews to be happy with their purchase, so we’re completely unbiased about the products that are shown in comparison charts and lists. Our ultimate goal is to help you find a low profile keyboard without any fuss or hassle on your end!

Advantage of Using Low Profile Keyboard

  • Better for gaming since they are easier to double tap.
  • Less desk clutter with a TKL keyboard option.

 Disadvantage of Using Low Profile Keyboard

  • Can be slightly more expensive than their full size counterparts.
  • The number pad can get in the way if you’re playing games that use arrow key movement like first person shooter (FPS) or real time strategy (RTS).
  • Many models are only available with Cherry MX Red switches which means slower response times compared to browns and blues .

We believe these keyboards make great options for gamers as long as they don’t mind spending a little extra money on them! We hope this article gave you everything you needed to know about choosing the perfect low profile keyboard for you, and wish everyone the best of luck while hunting!

How Do You Set up a Low Profile Keyboard?
  • Plug in the USB cable into your computer and press a key to make sure it’s working.
  • If you’re using a TKL keyboard, then removing the numpad is as simple as prying up on each corner starting from one side until it pops off.
  • Slide the plastic piece with all of the number keys onto another place along your desk or inside of a drawer for safe keeping.
  • You can also set them aside somewhere else if desired!
  • Place both halves together so that they are even on either side and line up to where they were originally before removing anything.
  • Make sure not to bump any other keys while doing this since some might come loose which we don’t recommend messing around with unless you want an expensive repair bill!


There are many keyboards on the market that will work for gaming, but it’s important to find one with a feel and design that works well within your own personal taste. The low profile keyboard may not be what you’re looking for if you like a firmer touch when typing or gaming because of how thin they are in comparison to other models.

If this is something you don’t mind then there should be no problem finding an affordable option online. Before deciding which type of keyboard is best suited for your needs, make sure to take into consideration all the aspects we’ve discussed today including whether or not it has any special features such as RGB lighting!


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