Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive?

we try to answer why gaming chairs are so exrensive

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “Why are gaming chairs so expensive?” Well, there are a few reasons why.

Gaming chairs have become very popular and companies are realizing that they can charge more for them than other office furniture. For some people, a gaming chair is seen as an investment.

Because it’s something you’ll use every day and will be comfortable to sit in for hours on end.

The second reason is that many gamers don’t want to compromise quality for the price; they know that if they buy one low-quality chair, it won’t last long before breaking or being uncomfortable to sit in any longer.

About Gaming Chair

You start doing your research and realize it’s a challenge to find one for under $200. This is just the price you would pay for an entry-level chair, too! If you were holding out for something high end like Secretlab or Maxnomic, be ready to spend at least $400 without breaking a sweat.

Now that you’re probably asking yourself why gaming chairs are so expensive, let’s find out what makes a good one. For example, maybe it has to do with the fact that they could be easily bought at IKEA for only a fraction of this price!

What Makes a Gaming Chair Special?

A lot of gamers make the mistake of buying an IKEA chair without realizing that it won’t give them enough support. This will almost definitely lead to back and joint problems in the long run because this type of chair is not for serious gaming or people who spend a significant amount of time sitting down.

One thing makes chairs great which are high-backrests, but most cheap generic chairs don’t have these kinds features making them pretty useless as playing games on PC/console would be extremely uncomfortable after few hours due to lack proper lumbar & head support

Sitting up straight is not easy for everyone. One might slump their shoulders and have a forward head position because it’s comfortable or the way they’ve grown accustomed to sitting all their life, but this can be harmful in the long run. This posture corrector helps support your upper back by pulling you upright into proper alignment while also encouraging good positioning as well!

Why are Gaming Chairs so Expensive?

In order to maximize comfort, most gaming chairs are made with the user in mind. Gaming chair manufacturers want their products to be adjustable so they can fit a wide range of people from different heights and sizes.

They also tend not skimp on materials because it’s important that gamers have durability for long-term use alongside optimal performance when using these peripherals at home or during LAN parties

Let me start by saying there is nothing more frustrating than an uncomfortable seat while playing video games! Whether you’re staying up all night into early morning grinding out game levels or trying your hand against elite competition online, discomfort takes away from this experience especially if you’ve already got enough distractions as it is (like having screaming kids over).

Comfort Comes At A Price

Sitting is bad for you. It might sound crazy, but our bodies weren’t designed to sit down all day long like we do nowadays. Evolution didn’t account for us having so many sedentary jobs where we are seated in a chair behind a desk or laptop 8 hours every workday!

Gaming chairs were specifically made with comfort and good posture as the main priorities; countless hours of research have gone into their design from testing on how they can support your spinal development while maintaining healthy body positioning throughout those extended gaming sessions at home when lying down just doesn’t cut it anymore (laughs).

Gaming chairs were introduced in 2006 and they came with some new features that made them more beneficial to gamers. In the last decade, these benefits have started being recognized by people who are not into gaming as well.

A gaming chair gives you the ability to adjust seat height, backrest angle, arm rests and many more options. These chairs are high-tech with mechanical components that can break easily or malfunction if not designed well. However these adjustments come at a hefty price for lower quality models.

Because they require expensive parts and labor hours but this should be less of an issue in higher end products like DXRacer’s model which justifies its expense due to its durability and warranty coverage along with innovative features such as 3D adjustable lumbar support system created from years of research by professional athletes who will swear by how comfortable it is despite being pricey.

Quality & Durability

If you’ve done a little bit of research on chairs, then you’d know that the majority are made with cheap PU leather upholstery. This is just one example of how companies cut corners to keep prices down and there’s nothing wrong with it – but if they’re going for price over quality, most gamers will prefer an alternative option instead.

The effect on the price of PU leather vs real leather can be seen in a Secretlab Omega 2020 series. The standard PU leather version will cost $419, while the natural one costs $749 – a whole $330 more!

You find that this is true for other products as well. Real skinned and hand-stitched material like those used to make shoes or furniture are indeed better quality than their cheaper counterparts, but it’s understandable why some people would choose not to pay such high prices when they could get something almost just as good at half of what you’d spend if you choose “the right option.”

When it comes to the lifespan of a product, quality is key – especially when talking about chairs. This means manufacturers who are serious about building products that last turn towards high-quality materials like cold cure foam padding in order to give customers long lasting furniture with their 5 year + warranties.

The Brand

The price of some chairs is determined by branding. Some companies have positioned themselves in the luxury range, so it only makes sense that their prices match this position.


Gaming chairs provide great ergonomic support to reduce the amount of back strain you feel while gaming. This is achieved by providing excellent lumbar and head supports that keep your eye contact with the screen undisturbed, which helps improve focus on what matters most gameplay!

The gaming chair is designed to adjust according to the height of your desk. This way, you can enjoy playing video games without any distractions or discomfort.


As much as the gaming chair is good in every way, sometimes there are some exceptions. There may be a mechanism or structure that does not work well with your body shape making it uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time and this can ruin an otherwise great experience.

Due to the difference between office chair ergonomics vs. those of a gaming chair, these two types of furniture have separate standards for design when it comes to posture support as well as comfortability.

The maximum height should be at around 5% above their knee level which is not true with all games that you play on your computer or laptop; this may result in an incorrect sitting position causing back aches and muscle pain over time if proper precautions aren’t taken into consideration before buying one from the market.

A gaming chair is made to provide a much more comfortable experience than an office chair. Gaming chairs are designed with the user in mind and may have padding, extra support for your back and neck area, etc.


Now let’s talk about if the design is really great, but it lacks adjustability. Would you buy that gaming chair without being able to make any adjustments? It doesn’t matter how good of a quality your gaming chair has or even what its price tag looks like; If there’s no way for you to comfortably sit in it then why even bother buying it at all!


Here are some things we think need to be considered when choosing which type of game seat works best for yourself: Material Quality/ Durability Price Comfort Adjust-Able Seat Height Arm Rests Headrest Lumbar Support Pillow Speaker Compatibility Customization Options And as well as many more features… and these should definitely influence our purchase decisions.


Gaming chairs are expensive because they combine the ergonomic design of a chair with that of gaming equipment. This allows gamers to play for longer periods of time without experiencing as much fatigue in their joints and muscles. The result is a more comfortable, cheaper experience.

It’s important to remember that these chairs have been designed by people who understand what it feels like to play for long hours at a time (often sitting on an uncomfortable couch). That means you can feel good about your purchase knowing you’re buying from someone who knows what they’re talking about!


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