Why are Gaming Monitors so Expensive?

Why are Gaming Monitors so Expensive

Monitors, like televisions and computers, are a rather expensive purchase. The average person can find many options for monitors that are within their budget range. However, if you’re looking for an upgrade to your gaming experience- look no further! Gaming monitors are the newest technology on the scene when it comes to playing games on your computer or console. If you want to get ahead of the curve and have a more immersive experience with higher frame rates- this is one purchase worth making!

What Is a Gaming Monitor?

A gaming monitor is a type of computer display that was specifically designed for play on devices like consoles and computers. Regular monitors are designed to be used with computers and televisions. They often have a lower refresh rate, which can make it difficult for gamers who want an above-average experience.

Gaming monitors are specifically designed for gamers. This means they have a higher refresh rate, which makes the images much smoother and more clear to see as well as better pixel density (which gives you crisper images). They also often have special features like adjustable response times or different viewing modes based on what game you’re playing at that time!

Why Is the Monitor So Expensive?

For a gaming enthusiast, this question would be the most annoying one. There isn’t much information on why exactly monitors are costly but I found some useful points in an article that can help you understand how they get priced and marketed. If anything, it will give insight into buying a good monitor at least!

Gaming monitors can be quite pricey because they require a number of features that make them appealing to gamers. For example, these types of screens need higher refresh rates and lower input lag than regular TVs in order for the games played on it to run smoothly. Additionally, gaming companies have less competition from other manufacturers as compared with TV brands thus making each unit more expensive.

Gaming monitors are often produced by smaller companies or departments within large tech companies like Samsung, Acer and Asus. This results in a noticeable difference in price compared to TVs because of the reduced scale involved with manufacturing them.

The gaming community can bring down the prices of monitors if they increase their market presence, which could be reached by increasing graphic designers and editors in the world to make up for a huge portion that buys TVs.

Technical Reasons

In order to enjoy a smooth gaming experience, gamers want their PCs and monitors that display what they see on the screen. A game won’t look as good if it doesn’t run at least 60 FPS because games are unpredictable. Every move needs rendering in real-time like live streaming instead of pre-recorded movies with already processed media.

IPS panels are perfect for gaming and video editing because they make colors look more vibrant. They’re also less expensive than VA or TN panel types, but still the best option in terms of quality!

Searching for the best gaming monitor on Amazon or Best Buy will yield a lot of “borderless” options. These monitors are made to maximize every inch of space and give gamers exactly what they want but this comes at an added cost. Many have RGB lighting in the back, which adds some flair, as well as more aesthetically pleasing designs that make them stylish additions to any gamer’s setup while remaining affordable.

Marketing Reasons

The TV buyer industry is larger than the gaming industry. This means that there are more TVs in circulation, and hence a lower price for each unit sold; it also makes manufacturing monitors easier because they can be mass-produced overseas. Gaming companies have to pay much higher prices for IPS panels which aren’t as easy to manufacture on large scales like regular television screens due to their complicated components.

Gaming monitors are much less of a risk to sell at a higher price compared with TVs. TV companies need their 4k TVs to be affordable for customers while they make money back from overseas manufacturers. Gaming monitor companies don’t have that problem because the industry is small and there aren’t many competitors in it like Sony or Samsung.

Who can easily find replacement manufactures if one doesn’t work out profit-wise, leaving them without any extra cash flow when trying to produce more products which could lead into bankruptcy.

In this generation of gamers, having the best possible monitor is a must. Buying an expensive gaming computer and not being able to see everything in detail can be very frustrating for any gamer who wants their experience as real-life as it could possibly get on screen during gameplay.

To appeal to such a community that loves spending money so dearly, companies coming out with new monitors claim they are better than whatever demands PCs have or anything else available at the moment which would make them more desirable when compared with others because there’s nothing yet created that surpasses what these particular ones offer.

Gaming monitors are more expensive than TVs because of marketing reasons. People think that if a gaming monitor doesn’t measure up to its claimed capabilities then it’s easy to return them. For example, people can tell the difference between good and bad panel types or refresh rates on their own.

Without going through technical difficulties in using a monitor like this one as opposed to others which aren’t advertised at all compared with ones where everything is clearly stated out for customers’ convenience.

Tip for Finding a Good gaming Computer

I found some good prices for larger gaming monitors by searching “mount compatible gaming monitors” on Amazon. You don’t have to intend to mount the monitor at all because it will still come as a self-supported desktop monitor! I saw 25-27 inch screens no more than $120 and whoa, what an amazing deal!!

The monitors with the most specs that I mentioned in my previous paragraph are awesome and I wish someone told me this tip to search for larger monitors without sacrificing price. At first, when looking at all those products, I was skeptical but if you look at some of them they have a 1080p display which is great!


Gaming monitors have become popular in recent years, and as a result their prices have increased. However, the price of gaming monitors is not always set in stone; you can find deals if you look hard enough online or at your local retailer. Investing in one of these screens now will likely save money down the road since they last longer than other types of computer screens.

Why do so many people invest in this type of monitor? One reason might be because gamers tend to play for hours on end without break which puts more demand on the screen- something an average office worker would never experience.


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