Xbox One or PS4 – Who Has More Online Players? [And Why’s That So Important]

Xbox one vs ps4 who has more online players

There has been a lot of talk about the Xbox One and PS4 in recent months, but which one is better? If you’re looking for a gaming console that will provide hours of fun with friends, then it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. However, if you are looking to play online multiplayer games on your new console, there is a clear answer: The PlayStation 4 has more players playing online than the Xbox One.

The Xbox One and PS4 are both competing for the top spot in the video game console market. This is a hotly contested battle, with each company marketing its consoles as being more powerful than the other. But which one has more players online?

It’s hard to say definitively, but according to some estimates from industry experts, it looks like Sony has a slight edge on Microsoft when it comes to the total number of players online at any given time. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of people playing games over on Xbox Live! In fact, there are thousands upon thousands of active users logged into Xbox Live right now!

What is Xbox One?

Xbox One is the successor to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and was released in 2013. It competes with Sony’s PlayStation line of consoles, including the PSOne, PSTwo, PSThree, and now-current PSFour. There are a few reasons you might want to play on an XBox One.

You have friends who all own Playstation products but no one has yet bought an XBox; it makes sense for everyone to buy an XBox together so they can still game online together without having to start over on different platforms!

You already own lots of games that were made exclusively for Xbox (e.g., Halo). Since these aren’t available anywhere else besides other Microsoft devices like Windows Phone or PCs running Windows operating systems), there is no reason to buy another console other than Xbox!

If you are looking for the latest and greatest in graphics and processing power, XBox One is definitely a great choice. It’s very powerful, much more so than the PSFour or Nintendo Switch. And if you’re already invested in Microsoft products (e.g., Windows), it makes sense to get an XBox with all of your other devices rather than having yet another product cluttering up your house that runs on a different platform!

The biggest downside of getting an XBox instead of PlayStation is exclusivity: Sony has deals with many game developers that make games only available on their platform while they stay exclusive to Playstation consoles forever. This means there will never be any cross-platform play between XBox players and PlayStation players.

If you want to get the latest in graphics, processing power, playing online with your friends or family members who have other Microsoft devices (e.g., Windows), and buying games that stay exclusive on their platform forever while not having any cross-platform compatibility between gamers on different platforms – then Xbox One is for you!

XBox One Pros

Modern graphics, powerful processing capabilities, playing online with friends who have Microsoft devices like Windows PCs rather than buying another platform altogether that can only play games. Made by Sony exclusive titles without cross-platform compatibility between players using different consoles. The latest and greatest of anything (e.g., graphics, processing) are only available on the Xbox One so you’ll truly get everything that’s out there for gaming consoles!

XBox One Cons

Console exclusivity means if a game is available exclusively on Playstation or XBox (e.g., Halo), then it will never be playable with players who buy different consoles – e.g., games won’t work cross-platform. Also the latest and greatest of anything can only be found in this console which may not appeal to everyone. Since they have limited titles compared to PSFour and Nintendo Switch where many developers choose to make their games exclusive across platforms which leads to more variety/options when buying video games.

What is PlayStation4?

Playstation four has been around since 2013 when it was released as a successor to Sony’s previous console by the same name: Playstation three. It competes with Microsoft’s popular line of consoles including the original XBox from 2001 and now its successor, Xbox one. There are many reasons why someone might play on Playstations instead of Xboxes.

You’re a huge fan of Playstation games and want to play them on the console they were developed for. Since PlayStation has an exclusive deal with game developers, if you buy this console then you can only play those types of games with no cross-platform compatibility or backwards compatibility!

You already own lots of PSOne/PSTwo/PSTwo consoles that your friends have (e.g., legacy Playstations) and don’t want to invest in yet another platform from Microsoft without any backwards compatibility options; it makes sense to stick with what you know works best for all kinds of gaming! If Sony doesn’t make modern online multiplayer titles like Call Of Duty, Destiny, Titanfall etc. available on their platforms, then there is no reason to invest in a PSFour!

If you want modern graphics and processing capabilities, XBox One has more power than any other console on the market. If you’re looking for backwards compatibility (or don’t already own all legacy Playstations from PSTwo/PSTwo), if your friends are mainly Xbox gamers or game developers only make games available exclusively on Playstation – then PlayStation four is definitely what you should get!

Playstation Four Pros

Lots of modern online multiplayer titles available for players to play on the console that they were developed for (e.g., Destiny, Call of Duty etc.) – no cross-platform compatibility with XBox users and backwards/legacy compatibility with PSTwo/PSTwo consoles; gamers who already have all these older platforms won’t need a new one from Microsoft without any backwards capabilities or compatibilities between different gaming devices!

Playstation Four Cons

Console exclusivity means if you want games like Halo, then there is only going to be this Xbox One available which might not appeal to everyone since it limits your options when buying video games compared to Nintendo Switch where modern online multiplayer titles are also made exclusive across multiple platforms.

Why is it important to have a lot of people playing online?

Most gamers enjoy playing online multiplayer games because it allows them to play against real people rather than computer-generated opponents or AI bots. And if you’re one such gamer who loves head-to-head matches live against another player across the world (or even down the street), then having an abundance of players available make all the difference between lurking

Which console has more players online? Xbox One or PS4. This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are deciding which console to buy. When comparing the numbers, it’s not even close – there are way more PlayStation 4 gamers playing online than Xbox One gamers. In this blog post, we will explore why the PlayStation 4 has so many more players online and what Microsoft can do to fix their problem!

Online Player of Xbox vs Playstation Four

There’s a huge difference between XBox online multiplayer populations compared to Playstation even though both are great consoles. It just depends which kind of gamer/customer you are when choosing between them! If PSFour doesn’t appeal to you and Xbox One doesn’t appeal to others, the Nintendo Switch might be a better choice since it has modern online multiplayer titles available for players which both platforms don’t have!

The XBox one is very powerful with lots of advanced graphics capabilities. It’s also great if you want backwards compatibility or play with friends who already own all Microsoft devices. So there isn’t an issue about buying another platform altogether that can only play games made by Sony exclusive titles without cross-platform compatibility between players using different consoles.

No more need to buy other gaming systems when your friend has just bought this console from Microsoft! The best in anything (, processing) are only found on this console, but may not appeal to everyone since they have limited titles compared to Playstation and Nintendo Switch where many developers choose to make their games exclusive across platforms which leads to more variety/options when buying video games.


PS4 has a large lead in online players. Even though the Xbox One had 3 million more consoles sold, they still have less than half as many gamers on their system. If you’re leaning towards one or the other, it may be wise to consider which console will give your friends and family members an easy way to play games together when they come over for game night!


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